Mea: The baby is now a lady!


Turning from 17 to 18 is a biggie in a teenager’s life. There is especially something precious about a girl blossoming into a lady. This is what makes this shoot with Mea so special, aside from the fact that we love this girl (who is now a lady) to bits.  It was a perfect day at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. The weather that week was crappy, and we have had to reschedule her shoot once because of the rains, but we were blessed with the warm rays of the sun on the day of the shoot.

We wish you a very happy 18th birthday in December, Mea!

mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0001 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0005 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0006 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0009 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0013 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0017 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0022 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0027 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0029 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0034 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0035 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0040 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0041 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0042 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0048 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0053 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0057 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0058 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0059 mea_by_raduban_photography_auckland-0061 Raduban_Photography_portraits_Auckland_Photographers Raduban_Photography_portraits_Auckland_Photographers

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